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Hong Kong’s New Single Family Office Tax Regime: A Game-Changer for High-Net-Worth Individuals

Hong Kong has introduced a groundbreaking tax concession regime for Single Family Offices (SFOs) managing Family-owned Investment Holding Vehicles (FIHVs). The new regime aims to position Hong Kong as a premier hub for family offices and provides numerous benefits for high-net-worth individuals and their families.

Benefits of the New Tax Regime:

  1. Streamlined process: No pre-approval or application is required. A simple self-declaration suffices, reducing bureaucratic red tape.
  2. Exemption of investment profits: Qualified assets are exempt from Profits Tax, providing confidence and tax relief for high-net-worth families.
  3. Retrospective application: The tax regime applies from the assessment year 2022/23, ensuring previous taxes are considered under the new regime.

Key Features of the New Tax Regime:

  1. Definition of Single Family Office: Broadly defined to encompass various financial and non-financial affairs of a single family, accommodating diverse needs.
  2. Qualified and non-qualified assets: Investment profits from qualified assets, such as securities and foreign currencies, are exempt from Profits Tax.
  3. Eligibility criteria for SFOs: Criteria include incorporation in Hong Kong, having a Hong Kong resident director, and focusing solely on managing a single family’s affairs.
  4. Self-declaration process: No pre-approval is required; a self-declaration confirming compliance with the regime’s conditions is sufficient.

Impact on High-Net-Worth Individuals and Their Families:

  1. Certainty of tax treatment: Provides certainty and allows effective investment planning, reducing the risk of unexpected tax liabilities.
  2. Promotion of Hong Kong as a family office hub: Enhances Hong Kong’s reputation as an attractive location for family offices due to its strategic location, robust legal system, and financial services sector.
  3. Efficient wealth management: Exempting investment profits from profits tax enables families to reinvest without tax burdens, leading to significant wealth accumulation.

In conclusion, Hong Kong’s new Single Family Office Tax Regime marks a significant shift for high-net-worth individuals in the APEC region. Its attractive tax concessions, straightforward eligibility criteria, and streamlined process make it highly appealing. However, it’s crucial to seek professional advice before making investment decisions based on this information.

Source: NOVA


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