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India’s Outward FDI Dips Amid Global Economic Slowdown

Sharp Decline in India’s Outward Foreign Direct Investment

India witnessed a significant reduction in its outward foreign direct investment (FDI) in November 2023, recording a decrease to $1.55 billion from over $1.93 billion in October 2023, marking a 19.6% sequential fall. The drop is even more pronounced year-on-year, with outward FDI commitments halving from $3.67 billion in November 2022, as per the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) data.

Components of Outbound FDI and Global Trends

Outward FDI, which reflects financial commitments in the form of equity, loans, and guarantees, has been impacted by a global downturn in economic and business activities. This slowdown has particularly affected investments in foreign subsidiaries or stakes in companies, especially in developed markets where opportunities are dwindling. On the other hand, India’s inward FDI has also seen a decline, with net FDI plummeting to $4.5 billion in April-September 2023 from $19.6 billion during the same period last year. This reduction is attributed to a moderation in global investment activities and an increase in repatriations.

Breakdown of Declines in Outward FDI Components

Delving into the details, the equity component of India’s outbound FDI fell to $729.57 million in November 2023 from $870.37 million in October, and significantly lower than the $1.69 billion recorded in November 2022. Similarly, debt commitments dropped to $184.96 million in November, down from $250.42 million in October and $300.58 million the previous year. Guarantees extended for overseas units also decreased to $637.26 million from $809.26 million in October and were substantially lower than the $1.68 billion a year earlier.

Conclusion: Navigating a Challenging Global Investment Landscape

The substantial decrease in both outward and inward FDI for India underscores the challenges posed by the global economic slowdown. As countries and businesses navigate these turbulent times, understanding the shifts in investment trends becomes crucial for strategic planning and economic resilience. The RBI data highlights the need for cautious optimism and strategic adjustments in the face of changing global investment dynamics.


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