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Goldfield Financials Ltd (Goldfield)

Goldfield is a Financial Services Commission (FSC) licensed management company based in Mauritius that offers corporate and administration services to Funds, Corporates, and Private Clients worldwide.

The company is led by a team of professionals who are expertly versed in managing large complex funds and corporate structures. Goldfield, therefore, makes it easier for clients to administer their businesses thus allowing them more time to focus on their commercial activities and the performance of their funds and companies.

Goldfield positions itself as a niche market player with a focus on the quality of service delivery and seamless execution. Our standard operating procedures are modeled on ISAE 3402 standards and our level of service is supported by timely access to functionaries.


– Respect and open-mindedness

– Honesty and integrity

– Quality, efficiency, and innovation

– Team spirit and co-operation

– Discipline


– All our processes and procedures are modeled on ISAE 3402 principles thus ensuring the quality, consistency, and timeliness of our service delivery

– Clients deal with a single point of contact and services rendered are monitored by a Business Development Manager responsible for quality assurance until the relationship reaches a cruising phase 

– Service teams work to Service Level Agreement standards and are familiar with the execution needs of sophisticated investors who are based globally

– Our IT-based work methodology tracks deliverables and allows for monitoring of daily tasks in all transparency and with clear benchmarking with our Service Level Agreement

– Technology and workflow management processes enable us to provide services efficiently and seamlessly

The 5 Goldfield Pillars

Goldfield offers a range of services to ensure that the operational and reputational integrity of clients and stakeholders is always a priority and that client expectations and growth objectives are adequately achieved. 

The 5 Pillars are:


Taking care of incorporation of local and international based clients wanting to set up their operations or satellite operations on Mauritian shores. We facilitate everything from business registration and bank account opening to ongoing administration and financial statement preparations. We also set up companies based in other jurisdictions such as Seychelles, BVI, UK, Cyprus, India, HK, Singapore, etc.


Goldfield is responsible for helping high-net-worth individuals manage their finances & investments to be as profitable and rewarding as possible. We also offer set up and ongoing administration services as well as assisting with registry filing and bank account opening. 


Goldfield is responsible for the structuring, establishment, and administration of funds in Mauritius in accordance with the Securities Act and other current Regulations that are in place. We take care of all ongoing administration from investor onboarding to reporting as well as provide NAV calculation services. 


We are able to assist companies in the ever-growing and expanding Fintech space by providing incorporation and administration services for Fintech-related organizations. What makes this different is that it is solely dedicated to Fintech-related companies and the intricacies that come with it.


Goldfield provides a holistic approach to helping family-run businesses relocate to Mauritius. We take care of the business-related administration and help the family relocate funds. It also usually includes taking care of banking needs, lodging occupational permits, and facilitating the move. 


Companies under the Global Business regime are licensed and authorized by the Financial Services Commission.

A company operating in the Global Business Sector can either be in the form of a Global Business Corporation (GBC) or an Authorised Company (AC).

The current regulatory and fiscal frameworks in Mauritius offer the following advantages:

– GBCs benefit from specific rules of confidentiality;

– There are no minimum capital requirements for GBCs and capital may be denominated in any foreign currency;

– Nominee shareholding is possible;

– Single shareholder companies are allowed;

– Companies may be limited by shares, by guarantee, or by both shares and guarantee.

A GBC company is subject to tax and can obtain tax residency status in Mauritius thus benefitting from the DTAs Mauritius has established. 

The tax rate for a GBC is 15% with the option of reducing this (by 80%) to a 3% effective tax rate in respect of foreign income earned.

Authorized Companies

An Authorised Company (AC) is tax-exempt and does not have access to DTC benefits under any of the DTAs that Mauritius has established. An AC is a private company that does not conduct business with Mauritius residents. The company is managed and controlled from outside the Mauritius jurisdiction. The AC can open a bank in Mauritius or any other country. A list of activities (excluding financial services) as prescribed by the FSC can be conducted by an AC. This includes investment holding, consultancy, trading, etc among others.


Foreign Direct Investment

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