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Sponsorship of Executives for Citizenship by Investment: Benefits, Challenges, and Considerations

Citizenship by investment (CBI) programs offer individuals a practical pathway to acquire second citizenship through substantial financial contributions to a foreign country. These contributions can take various forms, including direct investments in national funds, real estate acquisitions, or initiatives focused on job creation and business expansion.

In the current global setting, CBI provides numerous benefits, such as visa-free international travel, increased global mobility, and exposure to untapped business opportunities in diverse markets. In this article, drawing from my experience assisting executives in participating in these programs, we will explore how businesses are leveraging CBI programs, with a specific focus on the strategy of sponsoring executives. We will delve into the advantages, challenges, and key considerations associated with this approach.

Implications of Business Sponsorship for CBI:

An increasing number of businesses are opting to sponsor their executives for CBI programs, recognizing the following benefits:

1. Streamlined Global Travel: Second citizenship offers executives the advantage of facilitating global travel. By having dual citizenship, executives can overcome travel restrictions that may hinder business progression. This enables faster, more efficient international business transactions.

2. Unlocking New Business Opportunities: Second citizenship acts as a gateway to business opportunities that may otherwise be challenging to access. It provides executives with easier market accessibility, streamlined business operations, and potential tax advantages. For instance, executives with citizenship in a European Union (EU) country gain access to the entire EU market, offering valuable resources for businesses aiming to expand their presence in Europe.

3. A Safety Net in Uncertain Times: The global landscape is marked by unpredictability, including political shifts and economic instabilities. Businesses constantly seek strategies to maintain stability during such uncertain periods. Second citizenship serves as an excellent backup plan. In the event of adversity in the executive’s home country, second citizenship offers an alternative solution, ensuring business continuity and providing reassurance to stakeholders, including shareholders, employees, and clients.

Challenges of Business Sponsorship for CBI:

While sponsoring executives for CBI programs offers significant benefits, there are challenges that businesses should consider:

1. Substantial Initial Investment: Sponsoring executives for CBI programs requires a significant financial commitment, with minimum investment thresholds starting at $100,000. Businesses need to carefully evaluate the costs and ensure they align with their budget and long-term financial plans.

2. Process Timelines: Although most CBI programs are completed within three to six months, the timeframe is not guaranteed. Various factors, such as gathering necessary documentation or dealing with complex circumstances, can extend the process. These delays can be inconvenient if the business has specific timelines in mind.

3. Application Complexity: It is important to recognize that each business, executive, and country has unique characteristics. Therefore, decisions to sponsor a CBI program should be thoroughly considered, evaluating the specific situation and potential return on investment. Seeking guidance from a reputable CBI firm can help businesses navigate the process effectively.


Sponsoring executives for CBI programs is a significant venture, involving a careful balance of benefits and challenges. CBI can streamline global travel, unlock new business opportunities, and provide a safety net during uncertain times. However, businesses must consider the substantial financial investment and potential complexities associated with the application process. Through diligent assessment and consultation with experts, businesses can make informed decisions that maximize the advantages and mitigate the challenges of sponsoring executives for CBI programs, fostering growth and resilience for both the executives and the sponsoring organizations.

Source : Nomad Capitalist


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