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Overview of Poland’s Business Investor Visa for Residency

Having a portfolio of strong passports is highly valued among investors, providing access to countries with favorable political, cultural, and economic aspects. While Poland does not have a dedicated Residency by Investment Program, it offers an indirect path to residency through its Business Investor Visa. This visa scheme allows investors to establish businesses or invest in existing companies, leading to potential residency and citizenship opportunities.

The Business Investor visa does not require an upfront investment of a specific amount. Instead, investors are expected to establish a business in Poland and generate a minimum income of EUR 13,000 annually. By meeting these requirements, investors may become eligible to apply for temporary residency and permits, with the duration determined by the income generated.

Unlike other programs, Poland’s Investor Visa allows for investments in various sectors and multiple assets, providing flexibility beyond real estate. Investors can choose from business types such as Joint Stock Company, Limited Joint-Stock Partnerships, Limited Liability Company, and Limited Partnerships, each with specific requirements and obligations.

The timeline for obtaining residency and citizenship involves spending a minimum of three years maintaining the investment and income requirements to apply for permanent residency. To be eligible for citizenship through naturalization, an additional three-year period is required. Expedited naturalization is possible for investments of EUR 1 million or above.

Family members of the investor are subject to the same rules and must obtain their own residency permits to conduct business in Poland. They must also demonstrate plans to establish a business and meet the eligibility criteria. Each family member’s application will be reviewed individually, and after meeting the criteria, they have the right to apply for citizenship.

Poland’s Business Investor Visa provides a pathway to residency and potential citizenship, offering investors access to a powerful passport, European Union countries, the United States, renowned healthcare, quality education, a peaceful lifestyle, and a developed economy. By navigating the requirements and investing strategically, investors can leverage this program to secure residency in Poland.

Source : CEO WORLD


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