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Navigating Expanding FDI Security Measures in Global Transactions

As Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) regulations evolve worldwide, the scope of “national security” has broadened beyond traditional military and defense concerns. This expansion has made FDI reviews more frequent and comprehensive, prompting an imperative for dealmakers to assess security risks at the onset of any cross-border transaction.

The 2024 report highlights the importance of early evaluation of FDI screening risks, emphasizing the need for dealmakers to carefully analyze the potential threats associated with both investors and investment targets. By understanding these risks, businesses can strategize effectively to mitigate potential complications in the transaction process.

This analysis includes a detailed overview of the current trends across a select group of jurisdictions, providing valuable insights for dealmakers on the global national security and FDI review landscape. Law firm Dechert offers expertise in advising both foreign and domestic entities through the complexities of FDI review, ensuring clients are well-equipped to handle the evolving regulatory environment.


Foreign Direct Investment

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