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In Danganronpa V3: Eliminating Balance (Trial Adaptation), Kokichi was first seen in the shops place going after and you may harassing K1-B0

In Danganronpa V3: Eliminating Balance (Trial Adaptation), Kokichi was first seen in the shops place going after and you may harassing K1-B0

Solution Fates

He innocently requires K1-B0 getting his pal, relatively unaware that their strategies make the Best Robot end up being awkward. Next, he brings up themselves in order to Kaede and you can Makoto Naegi, stating that he’s the first choice out of a key worst organization with more than ten,100 members. Yet not, he states which could well be a rest when he says that he is a liar. On dialogue, he says what things to upset K1-B0, including inquiring if or not he’s a dick or otherwise not.


Kokichi are a young guy with a simple browse and you can good alternatively simple deal with. He’s a preliminary stature, a thinner generate, and incredibly soft epidermis. He has reddish attention and you may moderately a lot of time, wavy blackish red hair, to your info colored a brighter purple. About specialized ways guide, people say that he cannot apparently care about their hair and also the hairstyle comes from him to tackle inside it-although not, the guy do sometimes make use of the shadows his fucks means and work out himself research evil. [5]

The guy wears a light match that have several straps wrapped up to their hands, as well as 2 straps hanging broadly as much as his legs. Frequently, their trousers are made to feel like a piece of punk style having slavery pelts, but they are actually just phony straps sewed to help you weightier area of one’s legs. His top are torn at the hem therefore the collar part of it is totally moved, and you will larger parts of this new uniform was fixed which have steel films. They have multi-coloured keys running-down the center of his top, with always hidden significantly less than their garment, and then he provides military badges into their right. His garment features monochrome rooms changing exactly like a great chessboard. The guy plus wears one or two-coloured black colored and you will purple slip flats, so when present in the character design gallery, the guy appears to wear a light buckle.

In his marketing art, he or she is revealed that have a dark colored streaming cloak and you may a leather-based peaked cap with a silver badge at the top of they, giving your a more harmful browse.

From the prologue, he wears the fresh consistent regarding their completely new highschool. He’s the latest classical tsume-eri uniform with the securely. His actually tailored uniform has charm out-of regarding good school annex high school. Just as in his most other gowns, the bottom of their jeans try small. [6]

As the a giant contrast so you can his most other outfits, Kokichi’s “trendy” underwear provides far lighter and you will vibrant tone with reddish and purple stripes. Apparently, he wants to mask their lively cardio and you will real manner sense into the a place nobody is able to get a hold of. [5]

On Japanese variation, Kokichi’s sound is often a bit childish fitting his appearance, it periodically converts further and mature, usually as he was often resentful, foreboding otherwise flirty. The guy also sometimes spends better voice regarding English adaptation, however it is reduced notable since the their common voice is not as childish due to the fact amazing.


Kokichi makes reference to themselves because the a wicked ultimate frontrunner, and regularly claims this identity ‘s the reason about of a lot out-of their questionable measures as if he or she is likely to see their part. He is an evasive and you will pushy person that unabashedly informs lays and you will states any kind of he’s considering. He’s including strangely simple in the their heading worst character, publicly stating become a chief regarding an enormous miracle neighborhood, admitting so you’re able to becoming a beneficial liar, and you will claiming he has done just crappy anything. Among other things, his business allegedly possess stealth agencies in every country, command over all of the mafias globally, torture just like the a kind of punishment, and you can Kokichi’s outdone competitors frequently gets delivered to Siberia. But not, nothing out-of their claims was confirmed, and almost every other students consider they are often lying otherwise delusional.

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