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Everything we want this is actually the recuperation if old wounds-not the manufacture of brand new ones” – p

Everything we want this is actually the recuperation if old wounds-not the manufacture of brand new ones” – p

Yesterday are sweet, cleanig the newest bedsheets of hair… Their consciousness try stored in my personal room now… The guy kept certain extremely calming and delightful revolution versions… They certainly were filed truth be told there regarding the conditions. The guy likes ft and you may ears. This new service provider wave out of understanding = songs, therefore their voice and you may my personal voice the terms and conditions bring to at least one several other the understanding… It is Tantra.

Ex: hookup apps for college students considering tough however, a lot of sources near you, might possibly be hard to user

Steven states I browse familiar, We state when you look at the Rinas child , I accidentally possess our very own Kirtan chanting Computer game with me, I make sure he understands I was cyying away from years of determination during his speak… And you will my personal mommy could well be delighted if i provides your our very own Video game… Sick look for another right up for those of you one to asked that having people tonight…

I leave at AmmAs unit they are aware my buddy Felicia… They state in the future, the next a person is to my birthday a little out if SF, she claims when it is your own bday you have made a different current and also you state “it’s my personal birthday” … Yes We preferred this lady inside the manhattan, unwell come across their once again… No matter if she remains using my loved ones within our Los angeles house…

“This new conference regarding a couple personalities feels as though the brand new co tact when the several chemical compounds: when there is one reaction, both are switched” C.G. Jung

I meander of my personal road… And you can Instantly around it will be the pink orgasmic skies from guargaon, Nepal… Right off if Buena Views Playground… Levels upon levels in the event that mountain terrain, red violet indigo skies… I other individuals my would be to upon a lamp-post, kept shoulder, Nd my personal lest ft crosses my personal correct leg… New heavens consume myself… After which I moving into northern. Twinkling lights, an effective mosquito sucks my personal bloodstream, these types of attention look upon this new views you to Kerouac lay his attention upon. How many sight have experienced including places? How many possess dropped into languid mist and therefore clouds brand new bay? Not for me. Not today, not ever. I as the light toward bay… 14 numerous years of invention… And we also enjoys turned up. I consume this new celebs, We eat the fresh seas, since cinch bring me personally onward together with world grabs me and you can embraces me within the endless struggle.

Chairman and responder in order to Rebecca Hardcastle -Apollo14 Wdgar Mitchell Quantek Technology people -Deepak Chopra -Stuart Hamerhoff -berkely physicist Karla Galdamez -instNoetic Sciences

When the cash is destroyed, there’s nothing destroyed. In the event that health was missing, some thing was destroyed. In the event that character try forgotten, things are destroyed.

Personal atoms emit and you may take-in photons

Love spectrum – Rays infrared Black body rays = most of the produces grey or black colored , influenced by dos: (1) lift (2) factor emisivity. Black colored not very immesiaey , white sure.

Biofeedback . Circuit that oscillates back-and-forth (latest to the and you can regarding ). Producing radiation . Particle accelerator -intended for an excellent take off of die question, the latest electron hits stop and you will builds rays. (X-ray). Along with build apparent light (30s/40s found anything supposed nearer to sleep regarding light, really does smaller out of rates out of white as it moves on synthetic, electron has to impede to pass, for this reason produces light Geremkoff Russian heading shorter by way of object.

Digital currents on head, i do know for sure this while the fact. Voltages oscillate and in unsuspecting stretch would be produces for the people body… Wide variety try ring exactly how does it compare to black system rays? Black human anatomy does not end, radio waves online streaming regarding the h da on account of 80f an such like. mechanisms to create light competes having black colored body.

Condition during the astrophysics would be the fact all of our absolutely nothing code has been deluged of the distraction. We should instead desire on the fainter objects rather than targeting the evening air. If there’s age bracket out-of electro radiation on the notice and you will human anatomy, it has to go another too, when there is particular process for the one would expect one light when the the same types would possibly affect the exact same circuits. Einstein to physics wasn’t relativity , is using 19th millennium math nd physics showing one getting the as consistent was required to expect and you will right back. If the something try emitting comes with to soak up. Can’t be a beneficial produced and you will crappy absorber (black colored body). 1910 really works.

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