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The Outbound Investment Summit Series has been designed exclusively to educate C-Level Asian financial intermediaries on the effective use of fiscal asset and lifestyle planning and management tools available in different jurisdictions.

A minimum 3:1 intermediary to provider attendance ratio – guaranteed.

Having generated thousands of attendees since their inception, these events provide a premium platform for information exchange, business development and much-needed education for intermediaries in this burgeoning market.

Upcoming Events

Asia Outbound Summit

May 3rd-4th,2023

America Outbound Summit

New York City
September 2023

America Outbound Summit

Los Angeles
September 2023

Asia Outbound Summit

November 21st- 23rd,2023

Asia Outbound Summit

Ho Chi Minh
November 26th- 27th(TBC), 2023


A new billionaire is minted in China every two days.

The total value of only HNWI assets in China is forecasted to rise from a confirmed 6 trillion USD in 2018 to 12 trillion USD in 2023 a 100% increase in only 5 years.

There are nearly 22 Mln. millionaires in the U.S., the largest millionaire population in the world.
Credit Suisse World Wealth Report

Experts believe nearly 20,000 – 30,000 Americans are currently in the backlog to renounce their citizenship.
IMI Daily

This points to a huge opportunity for investment migration, tax planning, and estate practitioners.

Middle East’s HNWI population has increased from 400k to 800k in the past 10 years, making it one of the fastest-growing HNWI populations in the world.
Capgemini World Wealth Report 2021

This makes the UAE intermediaries the ideal target to reach Middle Eastern HNWI in order to assist in asset protection & corporate structuring for these newly minted HNWI.

58% of multinational investment migration firms count the Middle East as their most important market for client volume.
IMI Daily

For investment migration providers, the Middle East is an essential market to develop.

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